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Ormus for Plant Growth

Among the many sources of mono-atomic elements found in nature, the Ormus or the transitional M-state minerals are found as diatomic condensates in crystallized form in archaic rock-forms like the glacial rocks, the Himalayas and volcanic rocks.


These minerals are required in our biological processes as they are the constituent part of the molecular structures that form the basis of cells and cellular processes essential for our survival.

Traditionally grown fruits and vegetables are found to be a considerable source of these minerals since they are absorbed easily by the plant root system and stored in various forms in the plant body adding vitality to both the plant and the plant product that is used for consumption.


Therefore, farmers from many parts of the world use Ormus for plants in order to replenish their soils with these naturally occurring transitional minerals that have been stripped off the soil due to decades or even centuries of farming.


Ormus used for plants can help grow better, more resilient and healthy plants.

Ormus Minerals Nutrition Formulas

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