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Removal of Negative Web Pages through Online Reputation Management

Removal of Negative Web Pages through Online Reputation Management

All the strategies and techniques are related to reputation management over the internet and are built in a period of 10 years on an online foundation developed on the internet; placement of search results on the front page of the search engine and SEO marketing specifically for maximum clients. Search engine optimization or SEO and reputation management are opposite to each other that is removing negative website pages from the top of a search engine to the bottom. All those companies which exercise full service approach of the internet reputation repair management are in apposition to produce better results, keeping in mind that consumers are only using search engine to acquire information on the internet. When ever a search is conducted on the search engine, a company hopes that their web site is listed on the top of the search result. And if it is not then a negative web page can create many problems in areas like public relations, financial information, sales, recruitment, reputation and image of the company.

In the process of removal of negative web pages, the first step is to register a new domain name and a sub- domain containing positive subject matter regarding the company. After the pages are properly webbed, they will start distributing positive information by removing all the negative pages from the search results.

Proper online reputation management eliminates the influence of negative conversation being spread in the consumer hemisphere of blogs, thus removing all the chance of any kind of law suits, consumer complaints, from competitor attacks, forums and social networking sites. A company should always be in control while exchanging information on the web while being listed on all search engines result as the speed of the content which is transferred is very high.

The second step towards the removal of negative web pages is the participation on all major social networking web sites, for example Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Sharing of information and carrying common interest among all the participants adds many kinds of endorsements, which makes your web site visible and influential in all the major search results. Many Secret doors as well as back doors are present for creating a high rank link which can quickly index your site on the front page of Google which is only known to expert ORM technicians. However, by this technique, negative web pages will not be completely removed but will be pushed down to pages 3 and 4. And the best part is that most of the consumers do not go beyond page 2 while searching for any particular information.

Last but not the least , one must always make sure that the company’s site web site is fully optimized for all major search engines present through out the web world and the link of the web site is appearing on the front page of all the search engines along with all other major web sites. If your company has any other web site or any blog, it is very important that same attention is given to them also. A company should always encourage its employees to blog, which encourages the popularity of the web site as blogs are also search optimized.

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