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A Guide to Ormus Products or Orbitally Rearranged monatomic Elements  

Ormus can be defined as essential minerals that are found in abundance in seawater. 

This is a fairly new discovery as it was not known to modern science until David Hudson, a cotton farmer, accidentally discovered these elements in 1975. 

The story behind the discovery of Ormus elements or orbitally rearranged monatomic elements is very interesting. One day, while farming in Arizona, Hudson discovered some strange materials in his soil that he had never seen before. 

Astonished and deeply interested, he took these materials out of the soil and allowed them to dry under the sun so that he can analyze better. 

To his surprise, these materials exploded in a big flash of light and left no trace behind! Thus, he then tried drying them without the use of sunlight and was successful at preventing them from disappearing. 

This strange element contained gold, silver, iron, aluminum and other matters. 

Ormus are commonly found in their non-metallic form. These can also be extracted from rock, food, soil and air. 

The use of these materials dates back to the Middle Age times when ancient Hindu, Chinese, Persian and Egyptian alchemists made use of it for physical and spiritual healing and well-being. Ormus materials are commonly addressed by other names such as Shemanna, Manna, Chi, the Philosopher’s Stone or the Fountain of Youth. 

According to studies, ingesting Ormus materials into the body can bring about astonishing improvements in psychic and physical conditions. Thus, these elements are also referred to as nutritional minerals which are important and necessary for all life forms. 

The best part about using these orbitally rearranged monatomic elements is that they can be freely extracted and they work like a charm when it comes to the task of improving human conditions!

Orbitally rearranged monatomic elements are super conductive and super fluid in nature. 

These benefit all kinds of living cells by improving their energy blow. Just like how putting new batteries into a device can help perk it up, so also Ormus products can help the individual by adding zing to his/her life. 

Individuals administering Ormus can enjoy mental benefits such as clarity of thoughts, emotional healing, heightened senses, developed intuition, thought manifestation and a mental peace.

As far as physical benefits are concerned, these elements improves one’s vision, increases electrolytes in the body, promotes bone strength, prevents muscle cramps, promotes healthy blood sugar, increases energy, helps the intestinal tract to absorb food particles better and so on. 

These elements also promote healthy cellular pH balance and allow the cells in the body to regenerate and communicate better. 

All in all, Ormus products are extremely popular and the best part about these is that they are easily available online. Therefore, one can browse for the best Ormus products in websites selling them. 

Some of the popular Ormus products are Ormus Minerals Gold Energy supplement, Ocean energy supplement, Ormus nectar, Ormus Trap Water Sole, Ormus Minerals Probiotics, Ormus Crystal Salt, Ormus morning dew, Ormus oil, Ormus precipitate, etc. 

You can take your pick from these products as per your requirements and preferences. 

Ormus Minerals Nutrition Formulas 

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