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Ormus and Plants  

A product for the benefit of agriculture and ultimately for mankind.

Ormus which is also addressed as ORME (Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Element or M-state element) is what the scientists have named the elements which the Ancient Egyptian's termed as Philosopher's Stone or the Elixir of life. 

Ormus is considered as a element that would empower lives with its essence and energies. 


The elements that form a part of the Ormus element list are the m-states of elements like copper, nickel, rubidium, cobalt, rhodium, palladium, silver, osmium, iridium, platinum, gold and mercury. ORMEs appear to be closer to ether, vacuum or pure energy. 

The most interesting feature of Ormus is that it can switch from its state of one metal to yet another at different temperatures and thus is named a miraculous element. 

Ormus are believed to be of almost magical powers, with their ability to regenerate DNA structure, healing diseases almost miraculously, its demand has risen exponentially as an energy source for the living components. 

What makes Ormus unique is its structural design; it is a single atom which has popped out of an atom cluster. 

This single atom spins at a fast rate and thus making it a superconductor. It is complete in itself and traverses through the body causing vibration and thus generating growth activity in living organisms. 

The relationship of Ormus and plants has been a topic of research for long and has yielded results that prove beneficial to mankind and agriculture combined. This single atom spins at a fast rate and thus making it a superconductor. 

It is complete in itself and traverses through the body causing vibration and thus enhancing growth in living organisms (plants here). 

The variations of Ormus which have been experimented on plants have yielded the conclusion, that with Ormus products the agriculture is benefited along with the entire mankind. 

Ormus and plants together have an amazing combination where the Ormus helps the plants to utilize its full energy with the help of the minerals contained in it, which are sadly missing in the soil. 

So, by using Ormus and its related products in agriculture one can grow bigger and better plants producing bigger, heavier and more nutritious fruits and vegetables than ever before.


So, if you own a farm and the vegetables grown there are not as big or good as your expectations, despite all your hard work and money put in. 

Then you must try the miraculous combination of Ormus and plants in your farms and see your farm yield better products than ever before. The benefits that the soil and plants get from Ormus are numerous. 

The use of Ormus products increases the cellular respiration in plants making them grow at a faster rate than ever before and also helping them absorb all the minerals from the soil effectively which finally yield better agricultural products with better nutrition content in them. 

Ormus is also a very nutritious dietary supplement, which is also taken through alternate medicine. So, if the vegetables and fruits are grown with Ormus products then its nutrition content will benefit the consumer and will yield better rates and larger quantities for the producer, benefitting both sides. 

Ormus is as close as something could get to actually being the elixir of life. It truly is a miraculous element and a blessing for mankind.
Benefits include: 

Improved nutrient and water uptake 

Improved root growth 

Improved plant growth and yield 

Reduced transplant shock 

Reduced drought stress 

Increases cellular respiration 

Makes plants more phototropic. 

Increases photosynthesis. 

Increases carbohydrate content of sap by Brix refractometer testing. 

Increases soil microflora 

Nitrogen fixing and other bacteria. 

Phosphorous leaching and other fungi. 

Improves soil tilth and aeration. 

Makes plants healthier, and resistant to problems. 

Makes plants more drought tolerant. 

Makes plants more transplant tolerant. 

Fruit become larger and much better tasting. 

Keeping quality is enhanced. 

Mineral and vitamin content is increased. 

The growing cycle is shortened by weeks. 

Crop yields are increased 15% to 35% 

Application is easy and inexpensive. 

Product is organic. 


Ormus Minerals Nutrition Formulas 

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