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Magnesium Oil Side Effects  

Magnesium oil is just a compound of water saturated with a salt known as magnesium chloride. It is advisable to apply this oil on your skin since absorption is not as good as topical application on the skin. So don’t resort to using oral supplements if you want to see instant results. 

Even though the chances of having serious Magnesium Oil Side Effects are very low, it is important that you do research prior to starting any health supplement. The main reason is that you will be able to know in advance the potential side effects and how to deal with them instantly should they arise. Despite the several side effects that could arise from overdosing and other reasons, without any doubt magnesium oil is still among the most essential minerals for the human body. Below are some of the side effects that are rarely experienced when using magnesium oil. 

The most common side effect that arises from using magnesium oil is a burning sensation on your skin. For people with sensitive skin this effect can be almost too much to bear. When you start feeling the burning sensation on your skin, just dilute magnesium oil with equal parts of water to make a weak solution. Sensitive skin will be able to handle the weak solution without any irritations. 

Itching and skin rash are the second most common side effects of applying magnesium oil on the skin. The rashes can become extensive as well as last for several days after you stop applying magnesium oil. 

The third most common Magnesium Oil Side Effects of using this oil are diarrhea and abdominal cramp. They signal you that you should cut back on the amount of magnesium oil you are using since you are already absorbing too much. 

Interaction with prescription drugs is another of the common side effects of using this oil. Since magnesium enters the blood stream through topical application, it can interact with other prescription drugs you are using in undesirable ways. It is quite common for a wide class of prescription drugs. Therefore you should consult with your physician about any potential side effects. 

Apart from the abovementioned side effects that arise from the topical application of this oil, there are other potential side effects which don’t occur very frequently. They include loss of appetite, vomiting, confusion, dizziness, impaired mental state, slurred speech, muscle weakness, low body temperature, slowed heart rate, irregular heartbeat, cardiopulmonary arrest, significantly lowered blood pressure, death, coma and shortness of breath. 

Those who are more susceptible to these side effects are those with any kind of kidney failure and the elderly. Now you see the importance of consulting with your physician before applying this oil on your skin or any other type of magnesium supplement. Magnesium Oil Side Effects are rare as mentioned before. Never the less it is very important to know about them and always consult with your professional medical health practitioner to ensure it is safe for you to use this oil or any other supplements. 

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