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How To Make Magnesium Oil  


Magnesium is a very abundant mineral on the planet. It is essential to most body functions. Most people have magnesium deficiency, particularly those with fibromyalgia and body pain. The use of magnesium oil can help restore healthy magnesium levels in the body. 


When taken orally in excess, magnesium chloride can cause diarrhea. However, when applied and absorbed transdermally through the skin, much more can be utilized without causing gastrointestinal distress. Nutrients applied to the skin are much more efficiently absorbed into the bloodstream. This is why the homemade magnesium oil works really well: it is a supplement that you can take through the skin and so it can be valuable to learn how to make magnesium oil.

Magnesium chloride doesn’t work well if taken orally. Most of it passes through your body thereby causing diarrhea for most. 


The best way of absorbing magnesium is through your skin. You could try magnesium citrate for oral intake. Another magnesium compound, Epsom salts, can be dissolved in a hot bath. But the benefits can be short lived with Epsom salts, and you won’t get as much magnesium into your body as if you use magnesium chloride. The following is a guide on how to make magnesium oil.

Magnesium is actually not oil. It is a solution of magnesium chloride in water. You can buy magnesium oil, but making it by yourself offers a more economical option. Magnesium oil provides the benefits of magnesium supplementation in its absorbable form. In addition, the body only takes what it needs via the skin.

You will need: 1 cup filtered water1 cup magnesium chloride flakes, A spray bottle, measuring cup or glass jar 

You can buy your magnesium chloride flakes online. 

However, there are some health food stores that stock them. Just make sure that you get quality magnesium chloride flakes. You can choose a well-known brand as they offer the purest products with little or no addition. 



This recipe is quite simple. Boil distilled water. The best water to make use of is distilled, but if you do not have distilled, you can use clean filtered water. It is crucial that you use distilled water as this extends the shelf life of that mixture. Place the magnesium chloride flakes into a glass bowl or a measuring cup. Often, it comes out to rather equal parts of each. 

 Place the flakes into a glass jar with a plastic lid, and then add water gradually. The recommended ratio of magnesium chloride flakes to water is 1:1. Heat the solution over low heat until the magnesium chloride flakes are dissolved. You may need to shake the glass jar at regular intervals until your mixture dissolves. 

If it does not dissolve completely, you can add more water. 

This may take a few hours to have the flakes dissolve, therefore be patient. 

Remove the solution from heat and allow it to cool. Pour the magnesium oil into a glass spray bottle and then use as required on the thinner skin areas. It might tingle on the skin for the initial few times you use it and that is normal. The scent should fade after few applications. However, you can dilute the solution with more water when this bothers you too much. Basically, you can learn how to make magnesium oil and even turn it into a business. 

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