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Ormus Oils

Ormus is the ultimate result of an ancient and natural alchemical process that starting with salt from the Dead Sea and concluding with the isolated noble metals which include osmium, platinum, rhodium, gold, palladium, iridium and silver in a monoatomic form. 

The research studies on this compound have indicated that it is super-conductive and able to carry and transmit electromagnetic energy or light. Ormus is regarded to be very crucial for full spectrum body building. 

It seems to be an essential phenomenon in the body functioning of all life forms. It lacks in the body partly as a result of the modern lifestyles that have been adopted. Experiments have shown that Ormus is found in abudance in the sea. 

Modern alchemy methods are used to collect and concentrate the Ormus from natural origins. 

This Ormus can be ingested or mixed with specially prepared blends of essential oil for the intended benefit. It is then infused into moisturizing lotion base or carrier oils for optimal transdermal absorption as Ormus lotions or Ormus oil forms. 

Ormus oils can be made from cold pressed extra virgin olive oils and grape seed oil. The grape seed extract is recognized to be a scavenger for free radicals which is crucial in the overall health maintenance. 

This oil composition is then infused with Ormus extracted in an exacting and delicate manner. This salt combination offers a strong base for the trace mineral elements. It can be utilized in relaxing baths, massage therapy or on a salad. 

The users of the Ormus oil have utilized it to relieve dermal conditions whereas others have benefited from the healthy feelings and unique flavor from consuming it.

The essential oils with Ormus can be used to make mist sprays. This is a great approach to bring the Ormus into the body system. 

The Ormus tunes into the essence of practically anything that it is introduced into. Clean ocean water is used as the water base and then the healing alchemy Ormus is loaded into it. 

When the Ormus mist is sprayed above and around the body or inhaled, it can produce therapeutic effects. 

Ormus oils offer skin therapy that delivers rejuvenation to the body. Most oils extracted from Ormus are obtained from plant seeds that contains all the plant's life force inside it. 

 The oils can be transdermally and topically absorbed into the body. There is no incorrect way of using Ormus oils. The most effectual way is definitely to perform an all-over oil massage. 

The Ormus oils can also be simply applied anywhere on the skin. The essential oils together with the Ormus are absorbed transdermally into and spread all over the energetic and physical bodies to perform their work. 

This works particularly well if one wants to concentrate on a definite place on the body like massaging Ormus oil directly onto a sore joint or muscle. The benefits of Ormus are many. It is a super nutrient capable of reducing the need for one to consume large food portions. 

Ormus oils when applied on a regular basis can assist decelerate the aging process and also curb its onset. It realigns the physical body to be more conscious.  

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