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Ormus Effects and Facts  

Ormus effects and facts  

Ormus affects most, if not all living things on the planet so here’s a run down of the most interesting facts about Ormus. 

Ormus is made up of twelve different elements including Mercury, Gold, Platinum, Cobalt, Nickel, Copper, Iridium, Osmium, Silver, Ruthenium, Rhodium and Palladium. In the future, Ormus will continue to impress humans and more research may be conducted in order to establish new facts about it. Ormus has been tried, tested and investigated to uncover its healing and spiritual properties and in this post, not only do we want to examine the effects or Ormus but the facts about it too. 


Ormus is known as a superconductor, which means Ormus effects every living cell in the body. It can efficiently transport messages quickly from cell to cell. If you were to pass a current through Ormus there would be no electrical power. 


Elements which are contained in Ormus have been known to help and even cure diseases. Diseases which have been known to be significantly improved from the usage of Ormus include bipolar disorder, cancer, diabetes, heart disease and many more.  


The Ancient Egyptians actually knew about Ormus and widely believed in its healing and medicinal properties. It is also believed that ancient religious figures such as Jesus and the Knights Templar understood about Ormus and enjoyed its properties. This proves that Ormus isn’t just something relatively new to the human race but an established mineral and its properties have been indulged in for thousands of years. 


Ormus is also known as the Elixir of life or the Philosophers stone for a reason and that’s because of the spiritual beliefs that go with it. It has been noticed that the consumption of Ormus can stimulate the energy flow in the body. People who have ingested Ormus have said that it opens the chakras in the body that are tight or closed and therefore can be a great aid to meditation, mindfulness and spirituality. 


It is widely accepted that certain properties of Ormus can actually be used to make much needed corrections in the DNA structure of all living organisms on earth. Ormus can remove any genetic malfunctions or inconsistencies in the DNA structure that may be originally present, not to mention how Ormus is also known for its multiple medicinal properties. 


Due to the healing properties of Ormus and its effects on DNA it helps boost cell rejuvenation and a by-product of effective cell rejuvenation is a glowing and healthy skin. It is also thought that the Egyptians knew this too as they had a big interest in beauty regimes. 

Due to its unique and interesting features, Ormus has been a long standing favorite amongst alternative medicine supporters, spiritualists, alchemists and even scientists around the globe. There are many myths associated with Ormus, with many people having strong beliefs that it’s a magical element. Ormus is used and enjoyed by many to help give a new lease of life to their plans, vegetation and soil and even to their own bodies. As the years go by Ormus will continue to be used and investigated by many and hopefully the great properties of this wonderful mineral will be more understood and accepted. 

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