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How To Make Ormus


Ormus is an alkaline mineral supplement that is also known as Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements (ORMES), monoatomic gold, micro duster, among other names. 


It has many benefits to ones body that include: - protecting the body against acids since it does not have synthetic elements it guarantees the curing of illnesses. 


Additionally, this mineral s known to cure injuries by restoring original DNA structures. 


It also promotes detoxification of the body, slows down the aging process, among others. 


For this reasons, it is important for one to know how to make ormus. 


The equipment needed are 

Two stainless steel bowls 

A lidded glass jar 

A coffee filter 

Protective gear 

pH paper for testing pH values 

The ingredients needed to make ormus 

To know how to make ormus the following ingredients are needed: - coarse sea salt (this may include Celtic sea salt, dead sea salt, or any natural salt), white refined vinegar, a gallon of distilled water and lye (a strong alkaline solution made by allowing water to pass through wood ash). 


The procedure to follow to make ormus 

The method described below is the wet method. 


1.Pour 4 cups of water in a bowl and dissolve one cup of course sea salt in it. 


2.Filter of the salty water into a second bowl using a coffee filter. 


3.Add drops of lye water into the filtered salt water. 


The fume released by lye are dangerous and thus one is required to have protective gear when handling it. 


This includes: - protective gloves, protective gloves, a mask over the mouth and ensure proper ventilation. 


In addition to this, avoid directly pouring the water over the lye as there will be a violent exothermic reaction. 


4.Ensure the pH is at exactly 10. 


78 and add the white refined vinegar to reduce the pH to 10. 


78 whenever it goes above the required value. 


This prevents the formation of Gilcrest precipitates which are not good for one to consume. 


5.Check the water and ensure everything is evenly distributed. 


6.Pour the water into a large jar and let it settle overnight for at least four hours. 


A gray precipitate will be formed at the bottom of the jar. 


7.Drain the salt water and refill the bottle with distilled water. 


Shake the bottle and let it settle and this, in turn, washes the precipitate. 


8.Wash the precipitate at least 3 times with clean water. 


Shake the bottle and let it settle and this, in turn, washes the precipitate. 


9.Pour the grayish semi-liquid remnants and water into a lidded glass jar and save it for use. 


(store it away from electric fields) 

In conclusion, one requires the drive and determination to learn how to make ormus. 


This is because it is a long procedure that is worth it in the long run. 


However, ormus results to some side effects which include: - reduced appetite, it is addictive and the frequent intake can affect ones health, deep sleep, among others. 


For this reason, one needs to take moderate amounts of ormus per day that is half a tablespoon twice a day. 


In addition to this, one needs to consult a doctor prior to taking it to ensure no allergies shall result from the intake.

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