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Ormus Ingredients

ORMUS is a group of invented substances displaying many miraculous properties. They can heal various diseases associated with DNA damage. 

They are mono atomic elements also called m-state materials or ORMEs, which stands for Orbitally Rearranged Monatomic Elements. These elements were discovered accidentally in 1975 by a farmer in Arizona called David Hudson. 

They are composed of a recently discovered form of matter which has different physical properties from normal elements called the exotic matter. 

These elements are believed to yield a lot of physical and mental benefits to human beings when taken. Indeed, it is believed that a related form known as the monatomic gold was being taken by ancient Egyptians and it would help in boosting their spiritual as well as mental strengths.

The m-state materials are believed to be the prized metallic elements which are in a totally different atomic state and are readily available in seawater which forms one of the basic ormus ingredients. 

These elements include Nickel, Copper, Cobalt, Gold, Mercury, Platinum among others. These elements are believed to be more abundant in their m-state than when in metallic form. They are also found in many human body systems.

Many methods of obtaining these elements have been advanced. However, the most basic and simple of the ormus ingredients are seawater, lye and distilled water. The idea behind this is to raise the PH of the seawater to about 10.78 using the lye. 

Lye is another name for Sodium Hydroxide which is alkaline. The precipitate is then rinsed using the distilled water.

The health benefits from those ormus ingredients are numerous. Ormus is believed to cure many forms of diseases including cancer and AIDS by correcting DNA errors. 

What the ormus elements do is that they just correct any defects or damages on the DNA but they don't react with it chemically. It can also be applied to the skin as it helps in improving scars, wriggles on the skin, age spots or discolorations. 

One of the reasons behind aging is the continuous damaging of the DNA. A discovery of a way of repairing damaged DNA can therefore boost physical longevity greatly. 

This is exactly what ormus offers. Damaged DNA is also a factor in diseases like cancer, AIDS as well as other degenerative diseases. 

The DNA is a key factor of the body's immune system. This implies that by repairing the DNA, one will correct the damage brought about by cancer or the virus causing AIDS. 

If the DNA is kept in order then the immune system of the body will be capable of fighting any disease including the traditionally incurable ones like cancer and AIDS. 

Since the immune system is also damaged by DNA damage, any disease related to either DNA damage or immune system damage will be effectively managed by the ingestion of these ormus elements.

The ormus elements also connect one to what is known as the Meissner field, which is the quantum field of energy and makes one enjoy greater insights and wisdom. 

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