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Ormus for Plants  
Make Your Crops BIGGER and HEALTHIER than before!

It's no wonder that Ormus for plant is crucial to increase the agricultural productivity by growing the healthiest and biggest crops most farmers/gardeners have ever seen in their life before.

As we move into the 21st century, we realize that recent agricultural fertilizing processes that use potassium, phosphorus, and nitrogen have reached their limits. 

Every day, we experience rampant soil erosion and resource depletion on a global scale, but the demand for agricultural productivity continues to grow so that it is possible to feed the world population of 7 billion (10 billion in 30 years). 

To meet this growing need, the only answer is monoatomics - found in Ormus. 

"All my plants in my backyard have become freaking monsters!" says a gardener who has been using Ormus. "While my friend's plants have fungus and mites all around, my plants seem quite healthy." 

He said the only difference that he was using Ormus for his plants, while his friends were NOT.
Likewise, another happy gardener exclaims, "The side-by-side is profound. It's only been six weeks, though." 
What is Ormus? 

Well, Ormus is created from an ancient alchemical process from organic sea salt. It contains a quantum or m-state elements, which are known to be trans-dimensional in nature as well in behavior. 

These m-state elements subtly connect to the Quantum field to create a "Ch'I" - life-force energy, thereby producing a vibrant and healthy plants and fruits in your garden. 

Most farmers use Ormus for plants to give life to plant. They use Ormus
  to vastly increase the crop's vibrancy, yield, hardiness, as well as the life of their personal garden.

What does Ormus contain? 

Monatomics, or m-state elements are found in Ormus. They are released during the alchemical process from the organic sea salts. In addition to m-state elements, other elements such as calcium hydroxide and magnesium are also found in Ormus. 

In just 6 weeks, farmers and gardeners find their crops to become healthier and much larger, bearing abundant fruit than ever before. 

The difference is even profound when you perform side-by-side comparisons of plants treated with Ormus and those that aren't. Tomatoes, for example, treated with Ormus produce 1 to 3 pounds every day, and they taste very sweet, too! 

How does this happen? Well, trillions of these mono-atomic elements present in Ormus act together to focus on the "Ch'i", the life-force energy, and therefore, supercharge the growth of the plants. 

How to Use Ormus? 

Simply use two tablespoons of Ormus in a gallon of water. Water this mixture to the plant at the beginning of its vegetative state and again when the flower blooms. 

When you use Ormus for plants, not only it will shorten its maturity time slightly, but also increase its yields up to 50% at minimum. Other plants have reported to grow even 2 to 3 times BIGGER its normal size! 

When Ormus is used for plants, they become far more resistant to disease, insects, fungus, mold, and other issues that may damage the crop. The plant become vibrant and makes the gardener happy. 

Because Ormus are trans-dimensional, many young plants developing as clones have shown genetic changes improving its best attributes, which is very interesting stuff. 

For every gardener, who invests their hard-earned money buying expensive crops from the market, there's no other better return on investment than adding monoatomics elements, found in the Ormus, to their plants. 

So, if you are looking forward to begin growing the healthiest and the biggest crops you've ever seen till now, then you need to invest in Ormus, now! 
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