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Magnesium Oil for Skin  

Magnesium is an essential mineral for optimal health and prolonged life. It is vital for energy production in the body, cell growth, detoxification and a key component when it comes to keeping your nervous and muscular system working properly and your heartbeat in a regular rhythm. It also has a big impact on stress and energy levels helping you relax. It is however lacking in many people’s diet because of the depletion of minerals in soil today and consumption of processed foods. The answer therefore is to supplement but not orally as it is poorly ingested. The most effective way is either to take it in injection form or by applying magnesium oil directly onto your skin. 

Magnesium oil forms from magnesium chloride and can be used in a bath or applied after a shower. It is the most effective way to supplement magnesium as daily injections can cause soreness or leave marks. Magnesium has so many benefits and you might want to start using it if you have aching muscles and joints, ADHD, cramps and spasms of the muscles, low energy, salt or chocolate cravings, erectile dysfunction, menstrual problems, hypertension, obstetric problems, premature wrinkles, tooth decay, fibromyalgia, compromised immune system, nausea, low blood pressure, migraines, constipation, and insomnia. For those looking for liquid youth then using magnesium for skin is a good place to start. 

One way to use magnesium for skin for the most benefits is to use dry skin brushing. This will cleanse the skin, remove old cells that make your skin look dull; stimulate blood flow as well as the lymphatic system. Magnesium oil can also be sprayed onto the skin which is the technique most people use. This is especially useful for aches, spasms and soreness of the muscles. It’s important to note that you can use as much oil as you feel comfortable with as you cannot overdose using this method. 

A magnesium massage is one of the most luxurious and therapeutic medical treatment. When this highly beneficial oil is used together with the soothing touch of a trained masseuse, it is a magical experience. It also provides the perfect opportunity to completely work the oil into the body. You should note that though mineral oil is not technically oil, it has the same texture and viscosity. Magnesium oil for skin detoxification is another reason to put this gem in your beauty regimen. 

When starting out, you will feel a bit itchy after application though it subsides after about 30 minutes. This sensation reduces with time and can be used the arms and legs as well as the face and scalp as well as it could help with hair loss. You can dilute it with distilled water to lessen the itching if you so wish. 

The absorption is done in 20 minutes and you can rinse off after this stretch of time if you want to. Once you have been using magnesium for skin and other health benefits you can try using the oil before or after exercise, on areas with thin skin like underarms and back of knees or as a mouthwash. If you live near the ocean you can try having more frequent swims to boost your magnesium levels. This mineral has exceptional benefits and could help prevent a lot of headaches in the future. 

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