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Monoatomic Gold Reviews


Ormus monoatomic gold reviews 


We are living in a world filled with stress and pollution and both take their toll on our health over the years. 


The more the environment becomes contaminated with countless harmful substances, the more people turn towards seeking solutions for regaining their health and vitality. 


Most of the time, they turn to alternative medicine, treatments, supplements and substances for help. 


Almost 50 years ago, a farmer from Arizona discovered a fairly unique substance while looking for gold on his property. 


And that’s when Ormus history began writing itself. 


So what exactly is this Ormus substance? Sometimes also referred to as ORME, it stands for Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Element. 


In todays day and age, we posses enough knowledge to define it as different precious metals whose atoms are in distinct state, also known as m-state. 


One of the most significant features of these monoatomic elements is their plentifulness when observed in seawater compared to their metallic state. 


According to Ormus founder Hudson, some of the monoatomic elements are gold, copper, silver, platinum, palladium, nickel, mercury, iridium, osmium, and cobalt. 


Ormus is, in a way, the closest thing to alchemy people have today. 


What is Monoatomic Gold? 

Like in other monoatomic elements, there is no bond between the atoms of monoatomic gold. 


What makes this powdery substance so unique and outstanding is its conductive ability. 


Namely, at certain temperatures, monoatomic gold becomes almost translucent, having antigravity characteristics. 


Therefore it can be found in the form of white powder, also dubbed a distinctive life force with the purpose of rejuvenating. 


Another form this substance can be found in is liquid and it is known as Ormus water, the health benefits of which are known far and wide. 



Monoatomic gold is said to be crucial if you are looking to improve your overall health, well being and vitality. 


Several ancient civilizations believed that this white powdered substance brings about spiritual transformation, leading to longevity, since it has healing effects on the body and other organs. 


When water containing monoatomic gold is used as a supplement in everyday diet, it can increase the body’s functions, helping various organs. 


It increases the speed at which our bodies work, so you might feel like you have superpowers. 


Some scientists even suggested that monoatomic gold can allow the body to travel to other dimensions or even levitate. 


This could be the result of its ability to raise frequency of cells, so they can carry light energy. 


How to use it 

If you are planning on using a product such as water containing this magical supplement known as monoatomic gold, you are strongly advised to be careful and stick to the instructions. 


Consuming too much is known to cause side effects and can have serious impact on your body. 


Educate yourself about the benefits of this powerful matter before including its liquid form into your daily regime. 


All Ormus monoatomic-based products have clear instructions, whether you are taking them in their powder or liquid form. 


With proper use, good results are sure to follow. 


You will become a more focused, calm, and rejuvenated individual, perhaps with the ability to establish a connection with your spiritual self.

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