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Ormus Alchemy

Alchemy is an ancient philosophy whose initial practitioners and specialists claim assert that profound and intense powers originate from antiquity.  

This relates to the making of the Philosophers Stone, capacity to change base metals into silver, gold or noble metals, and talks about youth and longevity, which is The Elixir of Life. 

It expounds the possibility that nature and its spirit and soul resided in stone, water, metal and organic matter. 

This philosophy strongly portrays this as the key to health and enlightenment. 

The ancient alchemical process commencing from the Dead Sea salt and concluding with noble metals that are isolated (such as gold silver and platinum) in mono atomic form, finally results to Ormus.

Another name for ORMUS is ORME which stands for Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements. 

Ormus is a group of substances that are said to illustrate a variety of phenomenal and miraculous properties, which may include super conductivity at room temperature and also possess supposed healing abilities. 

Ormus' chemical characteristics are identical to that of precious metals in an unusual state of matter, where the metals occur as single separate atoms and do not form any crystals or bonds. 

Another theory is that Ormus is the essence of life, which means it is the material that the life force and soul of every single living organism is made from, or rather where it originates from.

Ormus is theorized to have the following characteristics: It has the ability to;

- Heal any and all diseases including AIDS and Cancer.
- Read another person's mind.
- The ability to act as a superconductor.
- Rectify any errors in found in the DNA.
- To some extent levitate or raise the earth's magnetic field.
- To be fused to a transparent glass.
- Emit gamma radiation
- Have the characteristics of a flash powder, of emitting explosions of light.

Ormus Alchemy enables advancement in the area of consciousness and in particular, the area of spiritual consciousness. 

It facilitates an individual to explore a new level of consciousness. 

It also enables the remembrance of dreams. It helps in the healing of any damaged DNA. Likewise, it enhances meditation by decreasing stress and increasing the sense of well being. 

It also reduces aging by reducing scars, wrinkles, grey hair and stretch marks, revitalizing the person's youth. 

In addition, it reverses hair loss and in turn increases hair growth. Its products are anti-fungal antibacterial and antiparasitic, which are good for detoxification purposes. 

Finally, their products help reduce soreness in muscles and joints because they have anti-inflammatory functions. 

Ormus Alchemy products can be in form of Manna (Liquid Ormus) which can be ingested. 

They are also infused in moisturizing lotions and oils for application on the body. These products vary in their function.

It is certain that Ormus Alchemy is a revolutionary technology and it is the key to the future wellness of the world's population. 

With the growing popularity of people who continue use it and benefit from it, in due time, these products will be heralded as the greatest and utmost scientific discovery of our modern times. 

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