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Ormus Wet Method

Ormus wet method involves a series of stages that is leads to extraction of ormus materials from water especially from the sea water. This method only varies depending on the volume of the material that is intended to be produced; however the laboratory method can be replicated in semi-large scale production of the materials which have found a wide range of uses in the recent times

Ocean water is believed to be more concentrated with the minerals that make up ormus which include gold, iridium and rhodium. 

The concentration however varies from one ocean to another and hence some are more proffered than others in the extraction process using the wet method which involves the following stages:  

· Take a ½ glass of sea water and place it in a container add distilled water to the sea water in the ratio of 4:1 and then sieve the mixture to remove any scum that suspends on the top of the liquid

· Pour the mixture in a stainless steel container, and to the mixture put the lye solution drop wise while stirring after every drop to ensure the solution is thoroughly mixed. 
Monitor the PH of the solution by conducting regular tests to the solution after every ten minutes. This facilitates the process of raising the PH of the resulting solution to 10.78 which is the recommended level

· Upon achieving the above PH the person should stop the addition of sodium hydroxide-lye solution and pour the mixture to a clean glass container. 

A white precipitate is observed forming at the bottom of the glass container which contains calcium hydroxide, magnesium hydroxide and considerable quantity of M-state elements, which are the active ingredients of ormus

· Remove the liquid that is above the already formed precipitate. You further place the precipitate in distilled water for about 4 to 5 hours and prevent the extract from any magnetic materials as ormus materials are attracted to magnetic field. Boiling is only done when using straight ocean water as opposed to when using the dried sea salt

· Clean the precipitate using distilled water and filter to dry the solid substance obtained and your ormus is ready for a number of given uses.

However ormus wet method involves chemical solutions which require adherence to a number of safety precautions which include:

· Putting on protective goggles while handling sodium hydroxide solution as it is capable of causing permanent eye damage a condition which is irreversible
· Avoid touching your body skin when using this solution since it also causes irritation to ones skin and keep the process away from food.

· The person in the extraction process should avoid mixing lye with an acid as the reaction is explosive. All working should be conducted near a sink or a water source to enhance safety.

· The waste should be well dumped to avoid the harmful effects that they can pose to little children and pets especially if they are dumped on floors

The product extracted through ormus wet method can be used for different purposes. It is highly used for medical purposes due to its capacity to cure some diseases like cancer and diabetes among others. 

In some countries this is also largely used to manufacture ormus fertilizers that have proven to improve both the quality of plants produce but also the quantity.
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