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Ormus Effects


Ormus is concluding outcomes of an ancient and natural alchemical process commencing with salt from the Dead Sea ending with separated noble metals materials including iridium, gold, silver, palladium osmium, platinum, rhodium and silver in monatomic state.  

Intensive research on the substance shows it is a superconductive and has the capacity of transmitting and carrying electromagnetic energy of light. 

It is extremely significant for a full spectrum of body building. 

It is advisable that the moment you receive your bottle, follow the prescription carefully. 

One can take the substance directly from a dropper holding it in the mouth for at least three breaths. 

You can as well mix single dropper full in significant amount of water. It can either be taken with or without food. 

Some people may find it difficult to sleep when they consume Ormus too late at night. Always take it in the beginning of the day. Never forget to shake well before us to guarantee strength and consistency.

Ormus effects

Positive ormus effects

Ormus is known to help communication between the body and spirit as well as between the cells. It increases mental focus, clarity, sense of calmness, sense of calmness, rejuvenation and intuition. 

Most people have remarkable reported an improved vision, decrease of menopausal symptoms and better digestion.  

Taking ormus creates a sense of expanded strength and comprehension due to the natural reaction the body is having to the metals that are in high spin state. 

It gives you an overwhelming feeling and calmness that arise from simultaneous universal and earth connection. 

It activates and enhance ones full brain generating neurons to fire more effectively and efficiently. This allows new possibility of through and old though fades away. 

Long term ingestion produces cellular life, lengthen telomere, reverse age, cellular structuring and rejuvenation. It has capacity to activate enzymes dominant in many cells, known as telomerase. 

The enzyme begins the process of rebuilding the telomere which is done through highest scientific expertise employing and extract of Astragalus to stimulate telomerase.

Ormus is capable of restoring natural intuitive awareness. It arranges one's own personal innate skills and genius you possess and you can share with the world. 

It enhances the ability to open and create possibilities, cancelling out unnecessary future as a result of amplified vibrational state. 

It also appears to stimulate elimination of body toxins. It is necessary to take a lot of water as well as doing a liver cleansing if possible in the beginning stages of ormus ingestion. 

Kidney and liver are the main organs transferring toxins out of the blood and eradicating them from the body.

Negative ormus effects ormus is more beneficial to human beings than impacting adverse effect to human beings. In fact, scientists have noted that there is little side effect of ormus. 

This includes cleansing effect which is similar to fasting, sluggishness and tiredness effects at t the starting of super-conduct energy. 

If such situation arises, it is better to stop ingesting ormus up to the time the symptoms are clear. Reduce the amount to approximately half and eventually to the normal dosage amount. 

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