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Ormus on Plants

Introduction-Ormus are Monoatomic elements which were discovered by David Hudson.  

The Ormus elements exist in between physical plane and the next plane, namely astral. It can be said that it is present in the supra physical realm.

About- Ormus are obtained from pure Organic Salts from the sea. An ancient alchemical process helps to create Ormus where M-state or quantum elements are in high spin. 

The M-state elements in Ormus are trans-dimensional in their nature. The Quantum field is subtly connected by the M-state elements. 

The Ormus elements were found in the Mineral Kingdom. The word Ormus comes from acronym ORMEs. These are the monoatomics elements which are orbitally rearranged.

Features- The benefits of Ormus on plants can be understood by the 'Wet Method' precipitates obtained from salt water of the sea. 

In this method, pH of the ocean water, raw salt of the sea or Dead Sea water should be slowly brought to 10.78 and not more using a tablespoon of sodium hydroxide. 

It should be dissolved in half cup of water. 

The resulting precipitate after getting settled, the clear water of the top should be siphoned and fresh water should be added to it. This should be repeated three or four times. 

Ormus on plants increases cellular respiration, photosynthesis, carbohydrate content. 

It increases nitrogen fixing bacteria present in the soil, fungi which help in phosphorous leaching. 

It improves soil tilth and helps in aeration, saves orchards from diseases, reduces needs for pesticides, and enlarges the fruit and makes it tastier, etc. 

The first experiment in Ormus was conducted in 1989 in the greenhouse of the experiment station of An-ning. 

Tomatoes treated with Ormus at An-ning averaged double the total number of flowers and there was a 27% increase of fruit. In 1991, watermelons were treated with Ormus at the experiment station of An-ning. 

There was an increase in the yield of about 65%. Ormus is believed to be an integral part of the human physiology. It is present in skin, blood, DNA structures, brains and other organs. 

Ormus element helps in restoring DNA structures and causes evolution.

Joann Mahaffey of Ontario's Stone Ground Farm in 1992, receives an increase in the production of apples of about 50%. 

A plantation for banana in Okinawa reported increase in yield of 100% and maturation time reduced by 35%. 

In another study cauliflowers were produced so large that four can be fitted in a box, which is meant to fit twelve in it. 

A kiwi grower in Australia received the harvest two weeks earlier it was expected. This made the person optimistic enough to expand his business. 

Ormus helps in enhancing the clarity of the several though processes, it causes restful regulated and deep sleeping pattern and increases energy. 

Ormus helps to strengthen thymus gland and strong antioxidant elements are exhibited. Rhodium is an element which is used as an alternative to cancer treatments. 

Ormus show its benefits within one or two days. It is completely non-harmful.

Conclusion- Ormus helps to heal damaged tissues and fills the void and replaces substandard elements from the body. Thus the immune system is also optimized due to this process. 

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