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Ormus Water  

Ormus can simply be defined as a life energy which is responsible of rejuvenating the body’s natural forms. 

It is very easy to make Ormus water just in case you are wondering on how to make Ormus water. The wet method is easier to use.  

First create a lye and water solution by adding lye powder to water and blending thoroughly while checking the pH to ensure equality. This should however be done under caution as lye is corrosive to skin and fabrics. 

Then, use clean drinking water or sea water and add the lye/water solution little by little until you raise the pH to about 8.5 and not more than 10.7.  

In case you go overboard with this, you can add a little white vinegar to drop the pH to the desired grade. 

After this addition, the water will form a white fluffy precipitate which you should leave overnight to allow the precipitate settle. 

When the precipitate is fully settled, siphon off the water and add distilled water into the precipitated salt.  

Here you will have made Ormus water using the wet method.  

However there are also other method that you can use on how to make Ormus water. 



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