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Ormus Ideas Outline  

Sources of Ormus 

Diatomaceous Earth 

Activated charcoal 

1.        Air Ormus 

a.        Dew from air 

b.       Collect dew with glass and Dead Sea Salt to keep energy in it. 

c.        Dead Sea Salt Dew 

d.       Magnesium Flakes Dew 

2.        Water Ormus 

a.        Ratio of ormus in water is 20% 

b.       Water Trap to collect Ormus 

c.        Fresh water / springs with high ormus elements and energy 

d.       Wet Method uses Water 

                                                                i.       Wet Method Precipitate is approx. 70% Magnesium and 30% Ormus elements 

3.        Earth Ormus 

a.        Clays and volcanic ash 

                                                                i.       Negative charged 

b.       Dry Method using acid extract 

4.        Salts and Ormus 

a.        Wet Method uses salts or ocean water 

b.       Kinds of Salt with range of tasty to high in magnesium 

c.        Best Salts for Ormus 

                                                                i.       Dead Sea Salt 

                                                              ii.       Celtic Sea Salt 

                                                             iii.       Moist Sea Salt still has minerals / bitters in it 

d.       Salts 

                                                                i.       Dead Sea Salt 

                                                              ii.       Celtic Sea Salt 

                                                             iii.       French Grey Salt 

                                                            iv.       Red Sea Salt 

                                                              v.       Real Salt 

                                                            vi.       Himalayan Crystal Salt 

                                                           vii.       Korean Sea Salt 

                                                         viii.       Hawaiian Sea Salt 

                                                            ix.       Etc. Lots of other salts to try 

5.        Ocean Water 

a.        Wet Method used on it 

b.       Best Source of Ormus Minerals 

c.        Ever known mineral is in Ocean Water 

d.       My Favorite Ormus mix is Ocean Water and 1 cup of Dead Sea Salt mixed to each gallon of ocean water. 

6.        Vibrations and Frequencies 

a.        Frequencies of the Earth, etc 

b.       Tones 

7.        Plant Kingdom 

a.        Where is the ormus in the plant kingdom 

                                                                i.       Polysaccharides 

                                                              ii.       Glyconutrients 

                                                             iii.       Beta Glucans 

                                                            iv.       Sap 

                                                              v.       Medicinal Mushrooms from Trees and Ormus in Sap 

1.        Chaga 

2.        Reishi 

3.        Shiitake 

4.        Mistake 

                                                            vi.       Goji Berries 

b.       Ormus in Essential Oils 

8.        Energy and Ormus 

a.        Paramagnetic Energy 

                                                                i.       Can be measured by a PCSM meter 

                                                              ii.       Measures CGS 

1.        Centimeter so measures movement of distance 

2.        Grams so measures weight used in the movement 

3.        Second so measures the speed of the movement. 

9.        Ormus Processes 

a.        Wet Method 

                                                                i.       Uses Salt and Ocean Water 

b.       Soil and Solids 

                                                                i.       Uses clays, azomite, volcanic ash 

c.        Pure Metal Sources 

                                                                i.       Alchemically change metals over to a ormus form. 

10.    Charging Ormus or Ormus ingredients 

                                                                i.       Types of Charging 

                                                              ii.       Acoustical 

                                                             iii.       FIR Far Infra Red 

                                                            iv.       Paramagnetic Energy 

                                                              v.       Crystals 

                                                            vi.       Light Life Rings 

b.       Charging Water 

c.        Charging Dead Sea Salt / salts to be used for ormus 

                                                                i.       Dead Sea Salt is 35-40% water crystal 

                                                              ii.       This can be charged before doing the wet method. 

11.    Dosage of Ormus 

a.        Starting 1 tsp twice a day 

b.       Advanced to at least 1 tbs twice a day 

c.        Maintenance Dosage to maintain would be 1 tbs spoon a day miniumu 

d.       Therapeutic dosage 1 oz twice a day or more 

e.       Functional Dosaging 

1.        First 1 tsp Dose level. How do you feel? Feel ok? 

2.        Second Dosage take 2 tsp How do you feel? Feel Good? 

3.        Third Dosage take 3 tsp. How do you feel? Feel Great? 

4.        Fourth Dosage take 4 tsp. How do you feel? Feel Excellent? 

5.        Fifth Dosage take 5 tsp. How do you feel? About the same or no change. Then you know what your functional dosage is when you reach the feel excellent stage. 

12.    Types of Minerals 

a.        Ormus Minerals 

b.       Plant Minerals 

c.        Ionic Minerals 

                                                                i.       Electrically Charged 

d.       Colloidal Minerals Suspended in solution 

e.       Fulvic Acid Minerals Plant / Bacteria digest so organic 

f.         Chelated Minerals 

13.    Ormus and Bacteria 

a.        Energy and food for bacteria 

14.    Ormus Minerals and Combinations 

a.        Ormus Wet Method 

                                                                i.       Salts and salt combos 

                                                              ii.       Salts and salt combos with ocean water 

b.       Ormus Dead Sea Salt Dew 

c.        Ormus Trap Water 

d.       Himalayan Crystal Salt Sole 

e.       Fulvic Acid Minerals 

f.         Korean Bamboo Salt Sole 

Ormus Minerals Nutrition Formulas 

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