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Ormus gold is one of the components of Ormus, a collection of life giving minerals whose existence was discovered by David Hudson. The minerals are said to have very high levels of conductivity and fluidity. They are predominantly found at sea or within springs of water. Quite a number of interesting things have been said about Ormus gold and other elements.

Things You Should Know About Ormus Minerals

Ormus elements including gold are said to be in a transitional state of some kind. What this means is that when these elements are subjected to heat they quickly change to white powder or glass. Some components of the minerals disappear altogether. When heated and exposed to light, the materials disappear into the sunlight. However, when you cool these elements to the original temperatures, they reform again. This means that under certain circumstances, Ormus minerals are no longer subject to the law of gravity. The possibilities of this are quite endless!

Ormus gold and other elements are super conductors. What this means is that their capacity to enhance energy flow are very high. So conductive are the minerals that they can be found in all living organisms including plants and animals. Even the soil, air and the sea are said to contain this primal energy. If you want to enhance the level of Ormus in your body, then you need to eat food high in the minerals. The soils that you use should also have high Ormus levels. What is evident is that genetically modified foods cause the Ormus levels to go down because they affect the genetic makeup of the plants and animals and require many chemicals to keep going.

According to David Hudson the man who discovered Ormus gold and other similar elements, Ormus is very good for the human cells. He stated that Ormus has the ability to perfect your body cells. The minerals are said to react with the DNA in such a way that defective DNA is corrected. This means that these minerals are capable of restoring your cells into the state that they were meant to be. When that happens, then the possibility of correcting damage caused by genetic mutations and virus will no longer be a problem. Essentially, Ormus is a life giving force, since it helps to restore life to the cells.

Ormus, because of its ability to enhance energy flow is also said to have the ability to enhance conscious awareness. This is meant to enhance your spirituality this changing the way you interact with the world at large. If you take Ormus gold, you may end up experiencing dream lucidity at higher levels that normal.

Other benefits come from using Ormus elements like gold and the like. These include slowing down of the aging process in your body, enhanced rate of metabolism, which may aid in weight loss, reduction in joint pain, halting of join degeneration and increase in your overall energy levels. You will therefore feel healthier, younger, and more energetic.

Bottom Line

Ormus is therefore something that you cannot afford to ignore. The products made from these minerals are quite varied. Each has a unique set of benefits that may be worth exploring. You may as well give it a try if you want to feel more energetic. 

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