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 What Is ORMUS Made Of


(ORMUS)Orbitally Rearranged Monoatomic Elements are primarily elements with curative powers and other phenomenal characteristics. 


ORMUS supposedly consists of treasured metals such as gold and platinum which helps in pertaining to the alluring state of the elements, making it sure that these metals do not bond easily keeping them separate. 


Post discussing What is ORMUS made of we could get a brief idea that these high-end metals basically form an object which is supposed to be the life force of which all entities are made of. 


Mixing water to ORMUS remarkably forms a gel very similar to semen. 


A wide range of advantages gives ORMUS an edge over normally occurring elements. 


From curing cancer and AIDS to amending errors in the human DNA ORMUS also benefits the globe with its superconducting qualities. 


If we dig deep into the fact as to what is ORMUS made of then we could easily derive that these are monoatomic elements in a state of high-spin so that they don't form bonds or crystals. 


Some very well known ORMUS elements known to mankind are Cobalt, Nickel, Rhodium, Gold, Mercury, Platinum, Iridium and Silver. 


Micro-clusters are also noteworthy if we are to talk about what ORMUS is made of. 


Micro-clusters consists several number of atoms as tiny specks of matter which provides a new dimension to the topic of matter. 


The ORMUS is a metaphysical and medicinal gold with unimaginable curative potential. 


The ORMUS is abundant of inestimable elements like Rhodium, Osmium and Iridium. 


The ORMUS is also believed to be sensitive to heat, cold and fluctuating temperatures. 


White power and glass is also present in ample and bountiful amounts. 


Heavy elements such as iron is also exuberant in an ORMUS but they are altered into other elements. 


ORMUS has ideally become a testimony for twelve elements prevailing in both profane and immaterialist forms. 


ORMUS has a pretty distinguishable quality of not getting dissolved into sunlight which defies the laws of gravity. 


Experiments have led to bizarre incidents such as the ORMUS becoming one with the dry and exposed sunlight, which further took the ORMUS to a different dimension void of space-time. 


ORMUS is abundant in soil, stones, air, plants and the sea. 


Further research has also established the fact that ORMUS is also present in the human brain. 


Consuming plenty food and water triggers the proportion of ORMUS in the brain. 


Studies say that the endless oceans contain the highest amounts of ORMUS. 


No wonder water being the principle elixir of life. 


But lastly, it depends on what you want to believe and what you do not. 


Some doctrines coalesce mind and matter, others consolidate space-time. 


ORMUS will make you walk the line between belief and ambiguity. 


Mysticism and sorcery if used in the betterment of the planet must be embraced with extensively expanded arms. 


After years of practice and hard-work alchemists have successfully reached to a point where spiritualism and medication can be collaborated to entrust entities as well as groups to uplift their spiritual and practical balance in life. 


"Remember belief is a choice and not a compulsion"

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