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The Great Miracle Magnesium Oil and its Benefits  

This type of oil originates from the Dead Sea. It is the most suitable form of magnesium to consume because it is liquid in nature. This enhances absorption in the intestines. Research has been carried out by medical experts and it has been concluded that magnesium in the miracle magnesium oil adds the amount of magnesium in the blood serum. 

Issues that are up-coming like pollution, depression, intake of poor diets and other practices like taking a lot of sugary things may lead to our bodies demanding more magnesium. The miracle magnesium oil will be a perfect solution as a source of magnesium. This oil is better as magnesium will be found biologically than getting magnesium in drugs as a supplement. This oil can be available in various ways. For example, it can be taken through the mouth or sprayed over skin. 

Miracle Magnesium Blue Spray should be sprayed two times in a day. The spray should be sprayed all over the body. The spray is mostly recommended after one takes a shower. The oil on the other hand should be taken at small dosage by starters approximately 1cm3 in 250cm3 water. 

This should be done at the morning and late in the evening. As one progresses to take the dosage, one can increase the amount to around 5 cm3 in 250 cm3 water. It should be done in the morning and evening for exemplary outcomes. It is also recommended that one should use both the oil and spray to increase the chances of magnesium absorption by the body. The advantages of magnesium spray and oil are noted after using the products for a long duration. 

 Health-wise the miracle magnesium oil has got a million and one uses. The following are just but a few. The oil works against calcification. 

Calcification is a condition whereby there is a lot of add -up of salts of calcium in the tissues of the body. This condition may be accelerated due to lack of or inadequate amounts of magnesium in arteries. Calcification can also happen in the brain or in the body muscles. When it happens it leads to aging, stroke and heart-attack. Intake of the oil hinders calcification from taking place. 

The magnesium oil also acts against stroke. This happens because magnesium reduces the effect of stroke by limiting occurrence of a disability. 

According to several medical experts, the miracle magnesium oil lowers hypertension. This prevents the myogenic heart muscles from contracting suddenly. This reduces cholesterol and assists in healing brain damage originating from stroke. 

Moreover the magnesium oil prevents individuals from growing old. This has been approved by monitoring the levels of a steroid DHEA which is natural. Experts say that once the levels of DHEA are low, there is magnesium deficiency. DHEA is important as it enhances function of endocrine and immune systems, response to stress and optimal metabolism. 

It also hinders growing old, increasing the strength of the muscles and retaining being young. Therefore by taking the magnesium oil, one increases the amount of magnesium and later DHEA. 

Consequently, research has shown that miracle magnesium oil has reduces the Osteoporosis condition. This is where there are few bones in the body. This condition comes as a result of excess amount of acid n the body that later dissolves calcium. Increased calcium intake does not help though. Magnesium works against excess acidity and therefore prevents this condition. Therefore in taking the magnesium oil, there are just but very many benefits behind it. 

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