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Ormus Elements

A farmer from Arizona David Hudson was the person who discovered Ormus. Normally, Orme are atoms that are unbounded to each other but they group together to become a material.  

The state of not becoming bound to each other is called mono atomic state. Orme constitute of diverse physical properties making them unique to the normal elements. 

It also consists of an exotic matter which is a novel form of matter realized. Orme elements are also known as M-state elements. 

Ormus elements are believed to possess an excellent advantage on human mental as well as the physical health. In fact, it was understood to be god's good in Egypt. 

The Egyptians consumed them to amplify their mental, physical and spiritual capacities. It was known as philosopher's stone in several alchemy books.

There are at least twelve metals believed to be the Ormus elements. 

They include Gold, Platinum, iridium, osmium, palladium, rhodium, mercury, cobalt, nickel copper, ruthenium and silver. 

The least of the ormus elements is not limited to my list as other might not have been discovered. These metals are precious having numerous atomic states.

Ormus elements are richly available in salt of sea water, air, fresh water and some rocks. Rhodium and iridium are ormus elements vital for human. 

For instance, rhodium is mainly used for specific disease's cure whereas iridium is essential for good health.

Variety of methods is used to extract ormus elements from the natural resources. For example extracting the elements from the salt of sea water, we require a magnetic trap that attracts ormus from the source. 

The magnetic trap is designed in such a way that it applies Meissner's effect. Only ormus Rhodium based elements are collected through this method.

The elements are also found in some foods and several biological systems. 

The regular food substances that constitute Iridium and Rhodium elements are Aloe Vera and are ideal for human health. 

Gold is another vital element that is significant in improving health of human beings. Often, it is known as White gold or M-gold. 

Ormus gold elements have properties that enhance long life support, spiritual consciousness, anti-aging characteristics that produces considerable changes and production of neurotransmitter. 

It also relieves joint disintegration and pain. It enhances the cell metabolism to a needed rate. It is scientifically proven that it aids in rejuvenation of cells. 

It is also mentioned by scientist to facilitate the flow of energy in every meridian of acupuncture as well as inside micro tubules in living cells.

Generally ormus elements are growing popular globally because of their rare and special properties which enhance health at all direction. 

They are crucial to those people who practice meditation, Yoga and Alchemy. Several people have made complete recoveries from various diseases such as AIDs, cancer, diabetes, emphysema, bipolar disorder, heart disease, sclerosis and osteoporosis.

Presently, the knowledge of nature of ormus elements and how to use them is at its early stage. There are emergence of scientists who are interested in undertaking research work to make a considerable discoveries based on these elements. 

Numerous workgroups have been established to make people work as a team and combine their efforts in this field. 

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